Safe anchoring
for sailor, ship and sea

Technological breakthrough for smarter anchoring

AnchorGuardian offers a unique innovative solution to bring safety to anchoring. Combined with our proprietary and state-of the-art sensors we are moving anchoring from reactive to proactive.

A new dimension of safety at sea

Providing reliable information over the entire anchoring procedure

For Sailor

Providing safety when anchoring by delivering immediate alarms and predictions.

For Ship

Offering peace of mind to crew by monitoring the absolute movement of the anchor.

For Sea

Protecting marine habitats by avoiding environmentally sensitive areas.

AnchorGuardian offers a new dimension of safety at sea by minimising the risk of anchor drag, providing predictions and triggering immediate alarms with sub-meter accuracy.

The solution monitors the movement & position of a ship’s anchor delivering intelligent data to support the crew while laying and lifting the anchor. The patented technology operates independent of any movement of the ship.

Putting AnchorGuardian
to the test

Superyacht Captain Camilla Rothe tests AnchorGuardian



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