Safe anchoring
for sailor, ship and sea

Bringing anchoring into the 21st century

Sailors have been anchoring the same way for centuries and we wonder…why?
We are not advocating a new way of anchoring, just a smarter one revolving around intelligent anchoring data provided in real-time.

With the right technology, we can be more responsible without having to change how we anchor, we just do it smarter and safer.


A disruptive, patented
technology that will change the way we see and approach the anchoring process.

Anchoring is one of the most dangerous conditions for a ship

It is physically impossible
that an anchor will
always hold

Despite advanced navigation equipment, it is currently not possible for a ship’s crew to know in real time whether, by how much and how fast the anchor is dragging.

A dragging anchor causes environmental havoc

Even the most careful laying of an anchor can be devastating, posing a significant threat to fragile marine ecosystems and, in a worst case scenario, causing environmental damage.

Anchoring should be safe
for sailor, ship and sea.

Offering a new dimension of safety at sea

AnchorGuardian predicts the anchor hold with early warnings and provides intelligent data to support the crew while laying the anchor, while anchored, and while lifting the anchor.

For the first time, using sensor fusion and sophisticated algorithms, the technology can build a stable dataset of the anchor’s relative and absolute position, providing reliable information over the entire anchoring procedure. The patented technology operates independent of any movement of the ship.

a complete range of intelligent data while anchoring…
when you need it.


Depth, scope and orientation

From the moment the anchor hits the water, AnchorGuardian begins sending in real time information to the captain and crew. At any given moment, the anchor module sends updates regarding the distance to boat and distance to seafloor. Once on the ground, the orientation of the anchor and the scope are shown on the display.


Force, velocity and anchor hold prediction

Module activities include prediction of anchor hold, force on anchor and anchor chain angle including length of chain cast out. Should movement take place, immediate alarms sound providing anchor displacement and anchor velocity data. Anchor position is continuously visible on the GPS plotter, ECDIS or a tablet which can be provided as an option of the AnchorGuardian system.


Location, freedom to manoeuvre and storing completion

Information including the anchor location, when the anchor leaves the sediment and when the boat is free to maneuver are provided. Completing the anchoring process, data is given as to when the anchor is in sight, out of the water and finally stowed.


Combining Swiss high-quality with marine industry know-how and
state- of-the-art engineering


With our proprietary algorithms, sensors and underwater communicators, our solution consists of three modules which communicate seamlessly between one another providing the captain and crew with all the necessary information - when they need it.

The Complete AnchorGuardian Solution

The complete go-to-market AnchorGuardian solution
is based on four principal modules:

Anchor module

The heart of our innovation is driven by our proprietary algorithm and sensor fusion technology.

Boat module

A sophisticated transducer integrated into the ship’s hull exchanges underwater datasets to the user interface and transports user requests back to the anchor module.

Charging module

Wireless and automatic charging when anchor is stowed

User interface module

The boat module communicates with a stand-alone display (option) or with the existing GPS plotter or with the existing ECDIS through a NMEA2000 interface.

All things Anchoring

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Frequently Asked Questions

The complete go-to-market AnchorGuardian solution consists of three modules:

  1. Anchor module: The heart of our innovation is driven by our proprietary algorithm and sensor fusion technology.
  2. Boat module: A sophisticated transducer integrated into the ship’s hull.  It tells the captain on his GPS plotter or ECDIS or an tablet which we can provide what the anchor is doing at any point in time.
  3. Charging module: An autonomous charging unit doing its job when the anchor module is stored.

AnchorGuardian alerts the captain and crew before any anchor movement or damage takes place.  A dragging anchor creates environmental havoc.  It rips up the seabed in minutes and destroys the delicate ecosystem which took years to grow.  This is our contribution to preserve and protect the ocean and all that live in it.

Both modules have sophisticated transducers integrated into their housing which communicate underwater via ultrasound with each other.

Our state-of-the-art AGU solution moves your anchoring from reactive to proactive.  It provides the experienced captain with more intelligence then what is available today.  Force at anchor, how much chain is lying on the seabed, how good the anchor hold is, if the anchor is moving how it’s moving or how fast it’s moving and more – all enabling the captain to make informed and safe decisions based on factual, in real-time, data. 

AnchorGuardian does not manage the anchoring procedure, nor does it replace a captain or crew member.  It also does not require you to change how you anchor.

What it does do is provide on-going intelligence about what is happening with the anchor in real time. This is intelligence not yet available today.  

It is basically the eyes and ears of the captain down at the anchor.

Yes. For yachts working with two anchors, we offer an additional anchor module which integrates seamlessly into the existing AGU system on board.

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    No.  AnchorGuardian can be used with any anchor or anchor chain type installed on a vessel.


    As AnchorGuardian is inserted between anchor and chain, if a yacht is certified, then our solution needs equally to be certified.  For this purpose, and to ensure safety, AnchorGuardian has been approved by all major classification societies. 

    On our website, in conversation with us, at events:  just reach out to us!

    Any size of vessel that requires an anchor can and should use the AnchorGuardian solution. Together we bring more safety to anchoring for sailor, ship and sea.


    Our intuitive and sophisticated AnchorGuardian system does not require any special preparation. The anchor is deployed as usual. The information flow starts automatically when you begin the lowering process and ends automatically when the anchor is stowed.

    Yes. AnchorGuardian can be installed on existing and new build vessels.

    Enough to win the America’s Cup and to participate in the Vendee Globe.   

    On a more serious note, we love sailing, are boat owners and have worked as sailing instructor and charter skipper. But most importantly, we have the expertise, drive and passion to realise AnchorGuardian together with our renowned partners in the marine segment.

    An additional AGU app can be installed on any regular android or apple phone or tablet making you independent yet remaining safe wherever your boat wifi is accessible.

    AnchorGuardian does not change how you anchor.  Nor do you have to do anything differently than what you have done up to now.  What it does provide is a wealth of intelligence in real time of what is happening with the anchor.  It provides a level of safety and peace of mind not yet available on the market today.

    AnchorGuardian is moving your anchoring from reactive to proactive.  It provides the crew with more intelligence than what is available today.  Force at anchor, how much chain is lying on the seabed, how good the anchor hold is, if the anchor is moving how it’s moving or how fast it’s moving and more – all enabling the experienced crew to make faster, earlier and safer decisions based on factual, in real-time, data.