AnchorGuardian is our contribution to help preserve and protect the ocean and all that live in it

As one of the leading shipping companies worldwide, EPS understands the need to minimize anchor dragging, both for the safety of our seafarers onboard and for environmental preservation. Swiss Ocean Tech brings their revolutionary technology to address this concern.

Gil Ofer

Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) Special Advisor for Innovation

Protecting Seagrass for us and future generations

Reducing the impact on
plant and animal life

The bigger the boats, the heavier their anchors and the higher the impact on the marine seabed. They leave large scars in the posidonia meadows which will need over a century to recover.

Providing useful
information to the
scientific community

Providing big data solutions for port authorities, fleet management companies, environmental organisations, govermental bodies and projects such as Seabed 2030.

Championing for the oceans

We are proud signatories of the Code of Conduct from the Water Revolution Foundation contributing where we can to make the superyacht industry more sustainable.

“Through a collective approach, we can all play our part in bringing sustainable changes to the superyacht industry. Start small and work your way up to meaningful impact, we believe in the power of that decision”

Thomas Frizlen

Managing Director & Founder

AnchorGuardian Awards

Ocean Exchange presents 4 awards each year for innovative solutions inspiring action when it comes to the ocean and the blue economy.

The Transportation Hub Award 2023 (aka the Port Award) is given to the solution that advances ocean-, inland-, and air- ports and other logistics hubs, seeking innovations that make ports/hubs more sustainable with technologies that support clean water and air, conservation of precious natural resources near ports/hubs, efficient road/rail/warehousing supporting the ports, and state-of-the-art sustainable port-hub land management.

We are so very proud to have been named as a 2022 finalist for the global Ocean Awards in the “innovation” category.

The Ocean Awards are hosted by the Blue Marine Foundation and BOAT International.

The Innovation Award recognises the individual, company or group that has publicly introduced innovative measures in 2021 for reducing stress on the oceans or for improving ocean health.