Celebrating our Second Birthday as a Stock Company

First and foremost, today we turn officially two. I say officially because Swiss Ocean Tech has been in the hearts and minds of our team for many years and has been privately owned since 2013.  Our co-founders volunteered their time and ideas long before we put our names on the dotted line to make it a stock company in 2020.  As our founder said in his introductory interview end of last year, “Anchoring has been on my mind for as long as I can remember“. Now we are a proud team of 8 who over the past 12 months have accomplished much.  We have seen our first superyacht pilot installed, tested and completed under the command of Captain Luke Windle. Additionally, we signed a partnership with Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS) in Singapore covering an investment, a paid AnchorGuardian pilot on one of the EPS merchant ships and a letter of intent to procure AnchorGuardian for the majority of their existing and new fleet upon a successful pilot. It is safe to say, there is a lot to celebrate.

Secondly, today we signed the Water Revolution Foundation Code of Conduct. Although Swiss Ocean Tech is very young and still in the industrialization phase of AnchorGuardian, we feel very strongly about our commitment to the health of the ocean. Without the ocean we are nothing as a company but also nothing as a people. One of our values states: We recognize our responsibility to honor and protect the oceans in all we do. We are tied to the oceans and their health ensures our health.
Signing the code is a formal statement to an informal practice which has been part of our daily way of working since day one. As stated by the Foundation, “our Code of Conduct confirms the collective approach but also sets out the influence and responsibility that individuals have“. It is a small step but if everyone makes it, there may be hope for restoring our oceans.

With these achievements on our mind, we enter this new year with bold ideas and clear goals. We have set ourselves the mission of making anchoring safe for sailor, ship and sea. Together with our team and like-minded partners, we are on our way to ensuring just that.

Happy 2nd Birthday Swiss Ocean Tech!!


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