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We are building a club of 100 superyacht captains who are thought leaders, pioneers, early adopters, ocean lovers and innovation enthusiasts. We are looking for those unique leaders who seek solutions to hone both their own exemplary skills and the skills of their crew when anchoring.

Members are entitled to exclusive and significant benefits and will become one of the very first to profit from the intelligence and alarms provided by AnchorGuardian.

AnchorGuardian is an anchoring system that uses revolutionary technology to bring safety to anchoring for sailor, ship and sea. It makes anchoring smarter and safer, providing users with data and intelligence throughout the entire anchoring process. We are moving anchoring into the 21st century.

Ready to be part of our anchoring revolution?

The features you will see in this video demonstrate the functionality and safety you can expect when working with AnchorGuardian.​

Chain_AnchorModule_Anchor installation

What is the goal?

Over the past 5 years, we have been developing, testing, performing sea trials and running superyacht pilots on our new technology. 

We have a mechanically 100% robust and class certified product ready for market.

For AnchorGuardian to reach full maturity however, we need your operational experience.

We need 100 Innovation Guardians.

All we need is YOU !

We are bringing safety to anchoring...but we can’t do it alone.

You supply your expert feedback and anchoring data. We provide you with an
innovation not yet seen on the market at a fraction of its predicted price and other
exclusive benefits. Together we are bringing safety to anchoring for sailor, ship and sea.

What we ask of you

The Timeline

Innovation Guardians Profile

Technical pioneers and early adopters.
Enjoy being part of the next big thing in the marine industry.
Want to anchor as secure and time efficient as possible to enable the owner and guests to enjoy the anchorage.
Are passionate about the sea and want to minimize the environmental impact of anchoring.
Seek to reduce the workload of the crew.
Like to early on benefit from AnchorGuardians intelligence and alarms when anchoring.
Trust their crew, but still like to rest well at night.

“We anchor a lot and I trust my
crew, but I still need to rest well at night. AnchorGuardian would help me do just that.”

A technological breakthrough for smarter anchoring

We offer a cutting-edge technology which monitors the movement and position of a ship’s anchor and delivers intelligent data to support the crew throughout the entire anchoring procedure. This is a patented solution, which provides predictions and triggers immediate alarms with sub-meter accuracy.

What you will get


Exclusive Benefits​​

40% total discount​

A new dimension of safety at sea

Our disruptive, patented technology offers safety during anchoring by identifying in real-time dangerous anchor drag, independent of any movement of the ship.

Moving from reactive to proactive anchoring

AnchorGuardian enables you to make proactive, informed decisions by providing essential information regarding the state of the anchor, chain and forces at play.

Technology never seen before

Using sensor fusion and sophisticated algorithms, our technology builds a stable dataset of the anchor’s relative & absolute position, providing reliable information over the entire anchoring procedure.

“Why has the industry never brought this out before? This is obviously a supreme benefit.”

Features of AnchorGuardian

Laying the anchor

• anchor depth
• scope
• when the anchor reaches the seafloor
• anchor roll angle

While at anchor

• anchor displacement
• anchor velocity
• prediction of anchor reliability
• force on anchor
• anchor chain angle
• anchor position in electronic chart

Lifting the anchor

• anchor location
• anchor aweigh
• anchor in sight
• anchor stowed

We do not reinvent anchoring, we reinvent the level of intelligence available when anchoring.

Ready to be part of our anchoring revolution?